Petrussa, La Storia

The farm has been managed since the beginning of the 1900s by the Petrussa family. Giuseppe Petrussa was the first interpreter of a culture linked to the land, in an era that preceded the world wars and in which society was radically different from today’s current state of affairs. The peasant activity continued with Celestino, who in 1987 handed over the helm of the company to his sons Gianni and Paolo Petrussa. Three generations have passed since then, and even though our educational paths were very different from those concerning the agricultural sector, with the idea of ​​living accordance with a certain type of values, ​​we dedicated ourselves to working in the vineyard -with the ultimate goal of enhancing the characteristic aspects of the rural area we live in, deeply tied to the land and to the culture of farming. The idea, the emotional driver has always been to communicate the essence of a territory: Prepotto.

During these twenty years, some important milestones have marked the evolution of the company. In 1994, the first expansion of the cellar, and in the following years the acquisition of some vineyards with the subsequent agricultural reorganizations. The renewal of the vineyards has always been avant-garde and innovative, with very dense planting layouts and a perspective aimed at identifying the cultivation methods that best fit the climatic characteristics of the farms. In 2007, a further expansion of the structure marked the occasion for the construction of a completely underground cellar, ready to host a good number of barriques in optimal conditions for the refinement of the wines wines. Adjacent to the historic cellar, a new structure was inaugurated as home to our winemaking activity. Over the last two years, unfortunately, our family has lost the two dearest people: our father Celestino and mother Justina. They will always receive our affectionate gratitude for their dedication and commitment to work, which they have passed on to us and which we will try to pass on to our children again, with the same simplicity and naturalness.

Gianni and Paolo Petrussa

Petrussa, Le Persone

Gianni e Paolo Petrussa, titolari e responsabili di produzione
Lorena Tosetto, relazioni commerciali estere. Beatrice Petrussa, le nuove generazioni. Antonella Fabiani, amministrazione.

Petrussa, Casa Petrussa

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