Reserve Merlot

DOC Friuli Colli Orientali.

Merlot ranks among the first places in the world for diffusion and cultivation, indicative of the fact that it is well suited to different climates and soils. Merlot has been cultivated in Prepotto for many years, having arrived there from France at the end of the 1800s, demonstrating an adaptation to this valley such as to allow it to be considered a historical variety. It is not only a typical variety of a place, but a real, phenomenal reader of the territory, given that this cultivation is markedly better than others able to convey the distinctive and peculiar characteristics of a land in the wine. This represents the direct link with the Schioppettino, as only the Merlot produced in Prepotto, although powerful and austere, is enriched with subtle, intriguing and very pleasant spices, giving this "international" variety an aromatic connotation, unique to this area. This wine is made from only the grapes from the oldest vineyards, historic vineyards owned by our family.